Blower door testing

Anyone out there doing blower door testing for new code compliance?
If so what are you charging?

I did one recently, new home, building inspector required mandatory blower door test for ACH. Some ATJ are adopting the new code although the state hasn’t but is expected to do so in the next legislative session.

Send me a private email or give me a call… I might be able to help you with your pricing…

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I do both blower door and duct leakage code testing. I am in San Antonio. I charge $150 for a blower door and $200 for a single HVAC system. I would suspect that this would vary with geography. By the way the 2009 IECC has been adopted by the state of Texas but they have no way to enforce the code and the required tests. Cities do enforce the code and the testing.

What is everyone charging for blower door testing?

Dave, demand has dropped off for this in my area and to many people do it for cheap money. I had a hard time getting 150-175 for it and only do B/D testing as a diagnostic tool in conjunction with TI. NH has not adopted the new codes yet and I believe the building envelope can be visually inspected.

Thank you for your response.

I’m charging $350 but if they fail I have a smoke machine and infrared camera to help the GC find their issue. My 2 cents…