Blue foam board sheathing

Gable style roof had only blue foam board and then the vinyl siding on the rear gable wall in the attic. There was no OSB or plywood. Is this an acceptable building practice or is this inappropriate. The house was 20 years old. Thank you in advance.

Observe, report, move on.

As long as appropriate areas are braced it is.

This has been an accepted practice in many areas over the years.

It seems like that this would make for better insulation in colder climate ares.

Think about where the rest of the insulation envelope usually is…

Perfectly alright.

Found here on a regular basis , i note it and move on . I also add care will be needed when using a ladder , Some here just have siding . No foam board .

Shear panel is typically not required on the gable. When it’s there, it’s usually used as furring.

That is a common thing in my area and usually 100% fine. 20-30 years ago that was a popular practice. Exterior grade sheetrock and foam board were both used, but can seem odd when you see it in person

Seems easier for critters… Just sayin.

seems a little silly to dead bolt your front door when someone could cut through your siding, sheathing, insulation, and sheetrock with a knife, in just a few minutes.

Lol, never thought about that

Breaking a window would be easier.