Blue pvc glue

I had a customer state that a plumber told them that “blue PVC glue on the hot water side is toxic”, saying that the heat releases someting in the blue glue. Does anyone have any info or reference sites on this?

isn’t the “blue glue” for pools, ponds, and water features?

i’m assuming it’s the fast setting type for wet locations.

I am not familiar with the different PVC glues, that’s why I posted the question.


I believe every glue and primer on the above list are for non potable water.

Sure it wasn’t purple primer?

I am sure it was not purple primer, but I don’t have a photo because this was not one of my inspections. Thank you for the reference sheet.

Potable water pvc & cpvc glue

Brian, Linky thing doesn’t work:)

Does that same “Plumber” warn the clients about lead based solder pre 1986?:slight_smile:

I think the plumber was sniffing glue.

PVC glue now comes in designer colors courtesy of Martha Stewart.


I understood that the blue was for wet repairs. I once witnessed a repair while the water was still flowing.

I don’t know. I have clear, blue, black, and pink. I use different colors when I’m running four lines next to each other. That way, if there is a leak, I know which line to shut off. I think there’s more colors, too, like orange, red, and green.

I haven’t found any of them that work well for “wet repairs.”

I know a bit about glue…the colors don’t always mean anything…

I use an aqua glue (725) that is we/dry glue…it works in damp/wet conditions and will setup very fast.

Blue (dark blue) glue can also be fast setting and wet/dry depeinding on the manufacturer…

Grey glue is very slow set up and usually reserved for larger pipe sizes…

Clear glue is standard set up…

There are many manufacturers…most are designed for non potable water…

I doubt the plumber can tell by looking at it…and be 100% right…