Board of Building Standards - Recommendation

Here is the BBS recommendation.



Licensees shall not characterize their inspection results in a home inspection report as representing a determination of compliance with Ohio Residential, Mechanical, Plumbing, or Electrical Codes, determining the existence of serious hazards as defined in OAC 4101:8-01, or recommending the method or process for remediation.

Sounds like no phase inspections for home inspectors?

Here is the official copy sent to me.
Realtor Home Inspector Certification Rules Canon of Ethics addition.docx (12.2 KB)

We should all just quit.

I’m getting so sick of this dude…
He keeps harping over the same thing daily…


what part of “we are not code inspectors” Do You not get? we need to say it slower for You?


Thanks buddy.

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Who’s your friend?

Nope! Failed again. It’s pretty easy to perform a phase inspection without making any determination code compliance. It’s done hundreds of times every day.

I would, however, advise that YOU not perform phase inspections, pre-purchase inspections (new or resale), or any other type inspection other than that very narrowly defined function as an Ohio ESI, especially until you can at the very least demonstrate that you’re capable of passing that most basic CPI exam.

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It was a question Chuck.

Yea, right.

How you doing on that exam?

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What exam? I have passed all 4 (only 3 required technically) tests required to run a building department and the manufactured homes exam.

The one to be eligible for membership here. It’s a basic competency exam.

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Well, I have an advance certificate of competency from Ohio. let me know when you catch up.