Inspecting New Construction In Ohio

If you are new to the inspection business may I recommend obtaining your Residential Building Inspector certification through ICC before attempting inspecting any new builds?

This is also help if you ever want a career in code enforcement. This field is low on inspectors here in Ohio.


If you are in Ohio and have questions about the Ohioisms in the code just dope me a line.

truth in advertising ;~}

i’ve done construction phase and “code” substantiated inspections for over 25 yrs w/o icc or other certs

u just have to know what’s supposed to be & be able to do the required research to substantiate & document the deficiencies found
i often include the code verbiage without the section or citation number becuz these often change over the years & encourage my clients to request any & all disputes to my reports by whomever in writing on their letterhead like i’ve provided to the client & any naysayers


B1 is only one of four ratings. Why not advocate that they obtain all four?

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Also, get this book. Very informative if you are doing new builds. Great examples in it. I carry it to show buyers, builders and trades people what I mean when pointing out a defect.

You have not answered my question and only quoted part of my post. Would you answer my question now?

No. I feel no need to answer to you about Ohio related matters.

B1 is only one of four ratings. Why not advocate that they obtain all four?


I have before but here the point is to get STARTED. This is normally the first step in learning new construction. This cert can help you get into a building department. E1 & P1 are of very little help in gaining employment in a certified department.

Maybe you live in SE Ohio and there is no certified building department. This cert puts you ahead of all the ASHI inspectors and probably most of your fellow InterNACHI members. Shows that you know what you are doing.

IMHO the ICC cert is just as good as the state cert if you are doing these inspections for clients. I think if you get ICC certified you could quote code all day long while holding a HI license.

I am trying to show you how to increase your business and operate within the law.

IMO it’s always best practice to not wear two hats at the same time. You either wear your home inspector hat or you wear your ICC certified hat.

If you start quoting code in a report, you better know ALL the current codes, which are in a constant stage of change, otherwise you could get called out for inspecting to code in one area of a report but not in other areas. IMO you’re creating undue liability for your self, you may also want to check with your E&O carrier before you go there as well.


Does that mean you don’t know since this has nothing to do with Ohio matters?

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I would hope that folks go above the minimal standard of the building codes for their clients! Those that brag that they inspect to code or build to code are not bragging about very much! Go above the others that do the minimal jobs and you will be successful in this profession!


Please point me in the direction of a higher standard. If one exists.

Read my reply to Kevin.

Your reply above does not answer my question. Why is it you refuse to answer the question? For your benefit here it is again.

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And this is where you go off the rails! Home inspectors are not doing code compliance inspections. Nobody is breaking any laws(as long as they have a proper home inspector license) by inspecting a new construction home for a client.


What if the licensed state says this about a residential building covered under the home inspection license:


Here is a great example of a higher standard:

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What about the rest of the house?

That is great info for a home inspection. What about building the house?

Thanxs Simon.

Hey Simon, what state is this from?

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Brian, the Excelsior New York :slight_smile:

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