Boat Docks

Doing my first boat dock inspection here in Florida and I was wondering if anyone could help me with what to look for and how much to charge I really appreciate it

have you been on a lot of docks? I guess I would kind of treat it like you would a deck for starters and go from there. As a fishing freak who has walked every dock I could legally access from Key West to Pensacola and every river and lake in between ,that I could, I would do it for free LOL

James how much do you charge for a House ?

Same answer.

Unless you know what you are doing, leave it to the pros. A professional will be getting in the water to look at the piles. And do you really want to get involved with davits. And then there is the electrical portion. I would not do a stand alone dock, unless you want to sub out the job and make a few bucks.

Very vague post James. I hope you set up your clients expectations with what is expected to be looked at/reported on and what is not, and what information the client is looking for.

It’s just a dock, guys…Look there are a couple of boats pulled up there now: :mrgreen::shock:


Electrocution from improper wiring is your biggest liability with docks. Unless you disclaim the electrical or someone else is required to do them such as the State, County or local officials. As far as inspecting the dock itself about the only similarity with residential decks would be many are built from wood. Around here dock requirements on the Lake of The Ozarks is managed my the electric utility Ameren. They have very specific guidelines for dock construction and electrical requirements, here are the links:

If I were you I would start by checking with local dock builders and electricians to see about your requirements.

Randy’s correct about the electrical liability.

Around here, at our local city dock, we had some kids jump in to swim. And, even though there were apparently signs stating “NO SWIMMING”, one boy was electrocuted.

The lawsuit was, I think, 30 million dollars to start. Can you afford to NOT have experts involved?