Boiler Help

Has anyone ever heard of a boiler company “Hercules”? This monster was old, I mean OLD. I could not get anything off of it other than dirt. I can not find any info. about the company.

Thank you,
and Happy Veterens Day.

Maybe the same Co



Thank you Gerry, No help on that site, I saw that one.

Well, it was worth a try, I bet this is the one you need:



Gerry, You are the Man!!!

Thank you for the call, it was great to speak with you.

I just hung with the owner and his boiler guy was there 2 dyas ago doing band aid repairs and missed the flue pipes (1-6" & 1-8") venting into the basement.

I had the same situation with a water heater…when the water heater is too tall, don’t worry about the stinkin vent.

They thought the vented combustion would jump over to the chimney by itself.

Nice David, I had no idea we had so many CO assassins in the world.
My photo did not turn out well enough to post. It was the worst I had seen in my 4 years of inspection.

There also was major fire damage in the attic, exposed K&T wiring, 4 vertical support beams with no bottoms left under, 3-5 layers on the roofing, and 1 service panel rusted and charred.
All for about 100K, A real Beauty!!!