This was a triple hvac unit with radiators on each. Everything was water powered or heated. Heat recovery ventilators in all baths and kitchen. Boiler furnace and recoverey water heater.

The guy must have been some type of engineer. I got the basics running but told the single gal buying it, :shock: it would take me all day to go thru all the manuals and figure out the system.

Its going to take a special type of person to work on this one. ALl componants and pumps were labeld. Event the lines had directional labels.

LMAO…WTF! Man your area goes from on extreme to the other!

WOW! That equipment could be worth more then My home sure glad it is not me doing the inspection . I wish you all the best … Roy Thanks for showing it

The lady buying it was getting the home for a steal. The home had lots of other green features as well but this is crazy. I told her she had at least 25 grand in HVAC and boiler equipment.

I told her to start with the seller to give her a crash course, and then we would have to find someone who could reapir it as well. WOnt be any hvac company thats for sure.

I am just happy I figured some of it out.

What was the name of that industrial complex again?

Just a bunch of zone controls and a big tea kettle so whats the big deal.

Well at least the condensate pans don’t stink, LOL

Good luck on that one! :wink:

Gave me a headache looking at it !

Not a hill for a high stepper been doing that kind of stuff all my life don’t even need a manual just follow it out.

Wow, looks like what I’ve seen in the past in the Commercial Sector.
This was professionally put together right down to the Armaflex insulation.
Most have been a Commercial Heating/Cooling HVAC Contractor. :slight_smile:

How’s it look to you Charley?

Did you find the entrance to the three story underground bunker that beast services anywhere nearby? :wink:

Indeed. I figured the home owner. Whoever built the home wanted everything to be exact. All aspects of the home were done excellent. I even could see an inch of flashing below the hardi plank transitions and most of the windows were cap flashed. (most) The guy wasnt home to ask but I bet he drove the builders nuts.

Marcel was not a amature shade tree contractor that put that together worked from a set of blueprints that was engineered

He had two sets of books one was the instructions and controls the other was the electrical schematics. :smiley:

Some info at:

Nothing wrong with disclaiming something as beyond your technical expertise. Refer her to a HVAC specialist.