Boiler plate forms prior to actual inspection report??????

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icon_biggrin.gif OK i have been useing report host for a few mths now very very happy with the reports i wanna make my report more informative. i recently got a look at us inspects report and it has a bunch of boiler palte info prior to the actual report. we all know a home inspection report at is best is 10 pages. so if any one out their has anything in a pdf format. that can really help me i have serched the web but have not really found any thing that is exactly what im looking for. some one out their has to be useing some thing prior to their actual home report



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Ryan keep the Reports small don’t make a book out it. If your printing out the finished report 30-60 pages of junk could get expensive. If you are using Report Host I think you can add links on the report that can take the clients to any information that relates to the item or defect that you are listing. My reports are usually 10-12 pages long on average with a 2-3 page summary. Ive been using Report Host half the time it takes me 2 hours some times to complete the inspection report but I like them. Some of the Realtors in my area don’t like long nit picky reports with 30-40 pictures. They just want a itemized list of the defects not (recommendations to have Repaid by professional), or a history on the effects of lead paints that may be on the walls.They like them simple.

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Ya know…I’ve been surfing the past month trying to look for deals, best buys to keep my initial operating expenses down to a minimum. When I hit I was impressed…the field report is a bit simplistic, but the computer version looks nice and professional and informative. As was mentioned earlier, clients don’t want to sift through pages of crap to get to what they really want…10-12 pages with photo’s of defects should suffice. The best thing I like is you can tailor it to your needs…if you want more, make more…if you want less, delete some. Simple. and the best thing is the cost. $5/report! Can’t go wrong with that at all, especially when you are just starting out.

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