Bonding at hyrdomassage tub motor question

Are we missing a bond here? Is that a bond screw on the top of the motor (it wasn’t green)? If it is required to be bonded, what do you bond it to? The supply cord that you see in the photo runs to a standard 20 amp outlet.

123110 108.JPG 123110 109.JPG

123110 109.JPG

You will get varying opinions on this since the wording of 680.74 is rather murky. IMO you need to connect that to nothing unless the tub has a metal piping system in contact with the circulating water. This could be an external heating unit but in most case all of the piping in contact with the circulating water is plastic. I do see some guys putting a jumper to the hot and cold water pipes feeding the faucet but IMO it’s not required. The instructions provided by the tub manufacturer may have requirements that exceed those required by the NEC.

Thanks Robert.

The Lug is next to a Ground Symbol

Is it required on page 12 and 13 of installation guide?

The Icon/legend on the motor is for a Ground.