Hydro tub bonding

Does the pump motor require bonding when house is on PEX water supply?

If there is no metal of any kind in contact with the water no bonding is required

I totally agree. Just because that lug is empty does NOT automatically mean “defect”.

Just thought I should add that if this jetted tub also happened to have an inline heater (most don’t, some do), that heater will have a similar lug. With all non-metallic pipework, the lug on the motor would still get connected to the lug on the heater unit.

yeppers…and for goodness sake dont let anyone tell you the lug on the motor requires a #8 AWG bonding conductor back to the panel…the lug is for the equipotential plane at the hydromessage tub…nothing more…nothing less.

I concur with mike and mark…hey dont they have a candy named after them…no wait…thats mike and ike…sorry…:wink: