Jacuzzi motor bonded or not?

This tub has a heating and lighting mode on it. All the pipes are plastic, would bonding be required on this ?

Question: Does water (not including pure/distilled) conduct electricity??

Question: Are there ANY components in the entire system that could become electrified and come into contact with water, including the inside of the pump assembly??

Question: Does water get discharged out of the jets and into the bathtub that a person is immersed in??

Question: Need I go on??

All metal piping systems and all grounded metal parts in contact with the circulating water shall be bonded together using a copper bonding jumper, insulated, covered, or bare, not smaller than 8 AWG solid* .
Motor yes.


Yep… … …

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many packaged units are listed check mfr & local ahj
could look foolish & have to pay for the sparky debunking any hi reporting that as deficient
read the nec
bonding metal parts of electrical equipment associated with the indoor
spa or hot tub water circulating system unless part of a listed self-contained spa or hot tub


You also need to be careful with which part of the NEC you’re referencing this looks like a hydro-massage bathtub, not a spa or hot tub. Hydro-massage bathtubs are in Part VII of Article 680.


Its one of those walk-in type tubs with a door on it.

That would be by the NEC section 680.2 definition a hydro-massage tub since you empty the water after each use.

Hydromassage Bathtub. A permanently installed bathtub equipped with a recirculating piping system, pump, and associated equipment. It is designed so it can accept, circulate, and discharge water upon each use.

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Makes sense. Thanks Jeffrey!

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From what I’m gathering in the NEC(I’m not an NEC expert)it appears that it would need to be bonded.

What would you be bonding to?

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I was wondering the same thing. The tub frame is metal, I do know that. I was hoping to leave that up to the expert, haha.

In order to properly bond to the plastic piping you need to use 0.95 green weedeater line.

Lighten up Francis.

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What’s your opinion on it ?

So, the real question that has not been asked yet, and that has not been disclosed by the OP IMO, is… what material is the home plumbed with? Copper, PEX, CPVC, other?? We know the hydro-massage tub is plumbed with plastic, but what about the homes system? That is what actually determines the answer to the OP’s question about bonding/grounding.

Interesting conversation with Mike Holt and his panel of expert’s…


PVC drain and copper distribution.

Make sure you watch the video I posted.

Wow, haha. Very confusing. I think I’ll put in my inspection agreement that I don’t inspect hydromassage tubs anymore.


More specifically… the grounding/bonding of specialized equipment such as Hydro-massage tubs!!

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Would it have to be in my agreement or could I just note that it wasn’t inspected as it’s to technically exhaustive or something of that nature?