bonding for package spa/hot to enclosure

What and where are the electrical bonding requirements for a package spa/hot to a (Florida) home screened enclosure? There are no other pools or spas in the enclosure only the package spa/hot plugged to a GFCI.

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What materials is the sunroom made from, wood, aluminum ribs and glass? What metallic surfaces are within 5’ of the tub? What is the floor made from?

In is out side the home in an aluminum enlosure and on pavers.

The aluminum screened enlosure is within 5 feet of the spa/hot tub.

If it is within 5’ of the screen cage you need to bond the cage with a #8 solid copper and a bolt and nut connected lug. (not the “tek” sheet metal screw the “screen monkeys use”). After Nov 1 2006 (NEC2005) you also need the bonding grid under the pavers.

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This house, enclosure, pavers, and spa/hot tub was built and installed in 2005 under IRC 2003.

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It was built under the Florida Building Code but that is just semantics since they mirror the IRC but be aware there are amendments. In the case of this hot tub, it predates the requirement for the bonding grid under the pavers but the bonding of the screen cage or any other metal within 5’ of the water is still required. That has been in 680 for decades.

For the owner it is an easy fix. Just a short piece of #8 solid and a nut and bolt connected lug.

I have never, that I can remember, been questioned by a builder on writing up a non-bonded spa within 5 feet of conductible material. When I look for a fast one liner for the builder, I did not find it.

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Was the answer arrived at from the follow?

When an on-ground spa/hot tub is located out side it must comply with NEC ARTICLE 680 parts A and B, which is the required clearance for in-ground pools to conductible material.

Do you know if in 2003 IRC the Section E4104.1.5. …all fixed metal parts etc. is understood to mean not just the parts of the spa but includes any fixed metal within 5 feet?

The Florida Building Code adopts the NEC unaltered so the 690.26(B)(5) and 680.43(D)(4) is what you cite