Bonding of plumbing

I generally call out lack of a visible bond of the plumbing supply to the main panel no matter what age the home is. I often find many older homes lack this applications. Just curious what other document when delaing with this.

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Do you mean the metallic hot and cold water pipes? Are you using the NEC to require that the plumbing piping be bonded to the electrical system?

Yes hot and cold supply.
Not necessarily the NEC but general rules of practice for most homes in the area here. and yes as required by the NEC as well.

I always attempt to verify the bond if the interior piping is metallic, regardless of the age of the home.

Do you recommend it is found or corrected if you cannot verify?

Yep. I recommend that it is verified or established by a qualified electrician.

We are required to verify bonding of appliances as part of our state’s SOP. A fellow inspector created an appliance bonding tester for it. Can the bonding for the plumbing be established in the same way using this tester which establishes continuity?

Richard, that tester (which I’m familiar with :mrgreen: ) really just tells us that the appliance chassis (or whatever is being tested) is connected to the EGC. It doesn’t tell you how, in other words, to know for sure how the bonding is accomplished you would have to visually observe the wire and it connection. So, no…do not use the tester to confirm water lines are properly bonded.

The NEC does not require a bond from cold to hot. It only requires that the potable water be bonded in an assessable location and then only if it is a complete metal water system. Should repairs be done and nonmetallic parts used then the equipment grounding conductor that supplies the circuit that is likely to energize is all that is required.

Bonding connection confirmed…


Jeff, why would they install that bonding ground at the exterior like that in lieu of the interior so aesthetically, that spigot would look a little better.?:slight_smile:

it’s California Marcel…they are a little different over there…just sayin…

Different is right Jim. :mrgreen:

Done the same way here in AZ too Marcel, but our brains are baked in the summer.

:)Hi Jeff, hope all is good down in Arizona. I am sure it is better than the 8 degrees up here right now. :wink:

Yup, up here the bonding is made at the water meter in the basement.
Then of course we got the frostless spicots on the outside instead of those old boiler drains or toggle bibbs. :slight_smile:

We don’t have much in the way of exposed interior piping, although occasionally you will find it inside the garage like this.

While living in Florida I did some homes that were all masonry on a poured pad. The NEC requires that the point of bonding be assessable and the only place that the pipe was assessable was at the outside valve. Of course being a seasoned contractor I installed a 4 square plaster ring and blank cover behind one of the water closets and install the bond in that area so it would be so darn ugly.