Book to tell age of Heating and Air conditioners?

Is there a book or CD i can purchase to tell the age of a furnace and air conditioner? I would like to load it into my laptop for a reference.

Thank You it is just what I have been trying to find.:slight_smile:

Hi Lawrence, just an FYI, buy Prestons in book form the program is terrible, it is written in a barely MS DOS compliant version of file maker pro, I also have the book and unusually for me much prefer it.

BTW, (to pinch a line from RR) did I mention Prestons on disc sucks :wink:



Technical Reference Guide is the best that I have found.

Thank You both. I’ll check them out and avoid the CD.

I have found that as inspectors we usually see the same manufactureers all the time and you get used to the coding pretty quick. If I run across one that I can’t figure out I go to my reference manual and look it up. The threads that have been on this topic on this board are volumnous and most of what you need can be found there. For the odd one just ask and you will be turned in the right direction. Like the man from ING says “save your money”

Can anyone of the veterans give me a guesstimate of it’s age based on it’s looks.Check the Beacon Boiler Book references, Follow the two edition Links.

Heating And Air

Easier just to use these.

This site does have some good information.