Data Plate Understanding

Do any of you have a handy-dandy guide to refer to for determining age of A/C units based on serial numbers by manufacturer?
Thanks so much if there is such a thing.

The best I’ve found is the Technical Reference Guide.

Thanks, but $79?

The 2001 edition was $69.

Being in business costs money. Set your prices to cover whatever money it costs you do be in business. If one doesn’t know, try this site. Of course, it costs, too, :frowning: but it’s well worth it. So is the Technical Reference Guide.

Or you can just post your questions about age and we’ll answer them.

R²…why aren’t you recommending the old stand-by reference of Appliance Ages.PDF (21.9 KB) or the even more comprehensive one you put together for furnaces (it works for a/c too doesn’t it?)? AC Ages (RR).pdf (22.7 KB)

The first one is water heaters. The second one is, as a certain Ethics Committee member might say, plagiarism. I know who did the second one, and he stated publicly that he had no problem doing that.

Neither of those were done by me.

Actually No, the first one is water heaters and A/C. On the second one, I saved it and attributed it to you for some reason sometime within the last few months. Oh Yeah…see , post #10.

Michael, Thanks alot for your information. I appreciate it! Bob Papineau (internachi member)