HVAC Age Book

Hello All,

So I’m wondering where the best place to purchase a book (or something) about how to determine the age of heating, air conditioning units and water heaters. Being up here in Canada they would need to ship it across the border.

Also is there one book superior to another?

A little help/advice would be much appreciated.


The best HVAC book I’ve found is the Technical Reference Guide.
Second best is Preston’s Guide.

However, if you get both of the above, it makes a great resource since they complement each other very well.

Water heaters? No book that I’m aware of, but there are lots of cheat sheets, of which these are some that I have:

[Serial number decoder](http://www.abouthomes.info/files/0534 0060.pdf)
Serial number decoder 1
Serial number decoder 2
[Serial number decoder 3](http://www.abouthomes.info/files/0165 0553.jpg)
[Serial number decoder 4](http://www.abouthomes.info/files/0090 5757.pdf)