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What’s the point of this, when nobody follows up with you after you reach out? I sent an email to on 02/14/16, got a reply the same day from Ben asking where I was located and that was it. No more communication despite me sending a follow up email on 02/18/16.

Anyone else have this experience?

Nick always gets back quickly. I’ve never emailed Ben.

But other people at Nachi, yeah, sometimes it’s like pulling teeth to get a reply back.

I contacted Ben about that program and he got back to me the same day.

I would reach out again. The program has a lot to offer.

I did follow up, as mentioned in the OP. Still no response.

Send your dismay and dilemma to

That did the trick! Thank you and Ben very much!

Hi, everyone.

Use to email me. In relation to the program, everyone should have been emailed back to confirm your request. And the next step is to figure out how your qualifications meet the state requirements for being an instructor of real estate agents. And that get’s a bit tricky, because states are very particular when it comes to licensing/certifying instructors. Talk to you all soon.