Emailing realtors

Business is really slow and I was wondering if anyone has tried writing some sort of letter and mass emailing it to realtors? I have gone to all the reality companies and passed out my brouchures and tried to solicit business to no avail. I was thinking about emailing realtors just to try something new. Has anyone done this?

I tried it once, I sent a bunch of realtors uploaded sample reports of a house which looked like it was falling down, every item in the report said the conditions were normal.

I got one inspection from each realtor, they complained their home was in much better shape than the sample report I sent them, “what’s up with that”

I told them the sample was just a marketing gimmick, they said they would have to find someone else who really does write reports like my sample, that was the last I heard from them…:smiley:

Now that would be funny :wink:

Hey Morgan, ironically I just spent the afternoon mass emailing realtors. I’ll let you know in a week or so what the results are. In my area Remax lists all their realtors with a profile which tells you when they actually got licensed. So I concentrated on the newer agents since most of the veterans around here have HI’s they’ve been using forever and don’t want to change.
Worst case basis I hope to be able to at least try to build some relationships that may pay off in the long run. Keep ya posted.

Now, now gentlemen…I don’t expect to see any of you guys complaining on any of these “Help save me from NACHI-vendor SPAM” threads, okay?:wink:

Unless you’re offering some sort of discount, you won’t have much luck. I’ve tried it. And you’ll PO some of them who’ll ask you to remove them from your list of contacts.