I’m looking for a flexible inspection camera (borescope) to go up through soffits and document roof to wall connections. You can buy them from $30 to $10,000. They may have a recordable camera or not, They may just be a cable that connects to a PC and some software. They can have removable screens for viewing and memory cards … . The things that are hard to pin down are: the amount of light they provide to illuminate the target, what their range of focus/ depth of field is, and do the “flexible” tubes retain the shape you bend them to.
Anyone have any experience or recommendations with respect to these type cameras ?

I have a dewalt with the removable screen. It is a great tool and I beleive I paid about $250.00 for it. I bought a three foot extension for it as well to look up and down chimneys. I had a ridgid and it was a joke. It was never clear and when you twisted it around a little your screen went with it so the image was hard to see. I can take video and pictures with it as well.
They have them listed at $272.00 here. Must have gotten mine on sale.