Does anyone here us the RF System Lab VJ Advance Video Borescope?
I am looking at purchasing a video borescope for the business and was wodering how they compare.

OK, looking for a different model. These borescopes start at $9000.00
Time to get more realistic.
Any suggestions?

I use this, it plugs into my computer and acts as a webcam:®+Mini+7mm

How would you use this on an inspection?

I only use it if there is rust/debris inside of a gas furnace combustion tube. It makes for a better picture of the inside of the tube.

There are times when I cannot get clise enough, or ther is "stuff"in my line of sight making it impossible to get a photo of thetruss/wall attachment foe wind mits. This would enable me to get close and takea decent photo. How would I get the flexible cable where IIneed it? Thfread it through a extebdable painters stick with the end removed, or just use a length of pvc pipe.

The RF System Labs Borescope are expensive. We have one that we are selling (new) for $4500 if that makes it more appealing for you.

Looks like you are about a year late David :slight_smile:

Hi Andrew, just a couple of questions:

  1. If you find debris, and especially rust, isn’t that enough to refer the burner to a specialist? That is what I normally do.

  2. Keeping in mind that courts look at how much an inspector can do because of knowledge and equipment, aren’t you opening the door for someone to say that “you should have known” what was happening behind a wall? After all, you have a borescope.

Am I being too cautious here? You see, I never used a borescope. Should I look into getting one?

  1. Only use it for a clear picture as proof of a condition. Always recommend an hvac company.
    2 they could do that with anything.