Has anyone tried one of these?

http://tinyurl.com/7dh2tau for Wind Mit’s? A wireless, waterproof, color borescope with a 16’ reach. You wouldn’t have to worry about the 10 seconds to navigate your camera on a pole. Not a bad price to get an easy closeup of wall attachments and/or shiners. Just wonder what quality of pictures it would take. Thoughts?

There sure are a lot of them out there…I’d like to have one myself.

That’s identical to an Extech version which was twice the price a couple years ago. If the resolution is the same it is good for looking at large defects or objects but not so great on details. For example it’s useless to see a crack in a heat exchanger(unless it’s really distinct), but okay for seeing an object which has fallen into a waste drain. The LED lights are very weak but will work from about 3"-12" which is about the distance with which you can use this scope. If you use it where lighting is good (which would be rare) the clarity is greatly increased. The wireless screen is actually very useful.

It would certainly have it’s uses and for the price, it’s not a bad tool to add inexpensively to your selection.



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I am curious if you can aim them to look around and such. For wraps, clips, etc…

I was thinking I could drill a hole in the soffit push it in and snap a picture then a quick shot of sealant and job done.

Why not just remove a soffit screen. I have done that many times and just put my camera up there to take a picture.

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I’ll stick with my six foot Vivitar pole!

yeah I should not even explain anymore. everyone should know by now I can’t type.

They don’t aim using any controls the cable just flexes to hold a shape. They can be forced into pipes and inside walls without much difficulty, but they tend to ride along one side as they go. Grinding all the way…


I don’t use it…I have also seen a Home Depot.
If I need someone with a good camera…I bring the the “Big Guns”.

I may be wrong but, aren’t these cameras just to look at the object? They don’t photograph the object do they?

I have see some that do take pictures some do video as well.

These do not work well for wind mitigation. They take poor quality photos and pick up interference.

thanks Chris :slight_smile:

sometimes it would just be easier to put a small hole in the soffit.