Thermal Imaging

I am considering added thermal imaging as an additional service to my inspections. I would appreciate any feedback regarding, successes or failures, equiptment, fee structures, etc. Thanks

thermal imaging units cost a min. of $10,000 for a basic one. some places lease them, but the cost to actualy make a profit didn’t look feesable to me. not sure how offten you’d need to or be asked to use it in your area, but i’ve found that most people only want a basic inspection, and i couldn’t sell an additional $$$$$(how ever many hundreds) fee to look around with a funky gadget that tells them the 40 year old windows are drafty. maybe your area is better for this feild, good luck with it, if you do it. BIG BUCKS. (both sides)

You can lease a entry model from Flir for $99.00 per month. Just got their ad. I’m thinking seriously about it. I know a couple of HI’s who have thermal imaging camera’s. They say once you have one you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it. Doug

i’ve heard the same thing about money.

That $99 per month is only for the first 6 months and then it goes up to $259 for 30 more months or $99 for 12 months and then $159 for 48 more months. And you really should figure on $1500 (plus expenses) for a training course.

Home owners are going to expect that you can literally see through walls with these cameras and find every defect. I’m not sure the extra 50-75 bucks we’ll get on a regular inspection will be worth the added liability. Using these cameras for energy audits or mould inspections is another story.

Hey Jay, how true. Seems like we’re always chasing that mighty buck. Roy, the guys that use thermal imaging are charging up to a $1,000.00 for a thermal imaging inspection. Cheers ! Doug

Around here they are charging $100/hr.

Fluke will be releasing its new Ti20 later this month. I’m told it will begin shipping in May.

The Ti20 is a more compact version of their Ti30 and will retail for about $3000 less (@ $6900).

Look for a special intro offer for NACHI members along with complete specs in the deals/discounts section of this message board within the next 2-3 days or so.

Joe Bonelli

What about Infrared photography? The film will show hot spots also. Has anyone used this? I’m curious myself.

There used to be a guy in the Orlando area that did them but he sold his camera and moved. I have thought about using it during my mold inspections for those people who have a water leak or previous one and want to know if it is gone. I bet if you market to commerial companies and builders you might stay busy.

Could you guys look at the new web page I added today and give me a critice?

Thanks; :smiley:

Check out this cool image. I am really proud of myself (and humble too :mrgreen: )

Anyone know what this is?

Smoke alarm?

looks like a ceiling fan housing.

Ceiling ventilation fan?..Nice photo whatever it is, the heat is sure clearly visible.

2004 Carrier category 4 furnace blower:)

WOW Carl that is really good. All that from a picture. Also nice picture Will,good luck with the Thermal Imaging sounds like that could be a money maker.