BOW Superpex

Came across BOW superpex plumbing today. I’m familiar with PEX plumbing but not this particular brand.

Are there any known problems with this plumbing? It was installed this year and looked good to me. No visible leaks.



I haven’t seen it yet, or heard of any reports yet. Here’s the install guide. You may want to verify for your report…


There have been some unverified problems with this piping if there are large deposits of KRYPTONITE nearby. :smiley:

I used my kryptonite detector pen and it was just fine.




I gotta get one of those Vince. :D:D:D

Thanks for the link.

This confirms what I noted. Several areas were unsupported at bends.

You have to be a krypt certified inspector to get these. :smiley:

Hope you noted that plastic fittings are present in the report, not that they are bad, not yet anyway…

Sure they are not copper/brass Bruce??





Those are the new engineered plastic fittings, have seen a lot around here. All were black around here but they make white ones too. The rings are black coated copper.

That site has not updated their install requirements or maybe they know something…

Ah, interesting info Bruce. Thanx