Inspected a home today with NIBCO Dura-Pex plumbing throughout. I know older styple PEX was problematic with seperation at the fittings however do any of you know of problems with this current application? The plumbing was installed this year.

The tubing was red and blue with black plastic unions and black metal rings holding tubing to fittings.


Very common current application. No problems noted. The fittings nowadays are almost brand specific to the PEX. Different brands almost always recommend their own fittings.

Agreed haven’t heard any bad news. That light of yours sure works great!:smiley:

I’ve only heard of PB problems. Nothing with PEX yet that I know of. Please post any articles or sources that you may know of though.

At our quarterly Chapter Meeting last week, we had a Rep. from Plumbing Express speak to us on PB identification, past/future experiences with the PB claims processes, etc…
He eluded to problems already showing up in some of the PEX installations and/or product itself. He thought problems will manifest with time, and they are monitoring the market conditions nation-wide.
I was a little surprised with this information, and eventhough I haven’t run into much of the PEX product to date, and haven’t heard of these problems. I guess time will tell.

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Good info and it looks like it’s for Zurn’s Pex brass fittings not the plastic like Vince shows.

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Just a side note - your pictures will turn out clearer and sharper if the main-beam of your flashlight is outside the frame of your picture.