Bowed in block basement wall multiple exterior cracks, previously done 2 separate times

and there are around 20 beams previously installed against B walls

home inspector they hired didn’t say anything about cracks, beams etc

homeowners just bought it, they had lived in Grosse Pointe Park but lost a lot with the continued basement back sups, so they moved here GP Woods.

City had no records of permits pulled for previous waterproofing and beams, nothing = likely done on the weekend to avoid permits

before concrete was removed, slab settled towards basement wall and was RIGHT-AGAINT the block wall and someone tried sealing the perimeter… did that crap work?

many underground roots were against wall at-near this corner

exterior corner view again PLUS beginning of long exterior horizontal crack

horizontal and boy OH boy, NEW drain tile really helped a bunch huh lol


roofing cement aka mastic, visqueen n so on

view from INSIDE basement, corner… see a fat daddy vertical corner crack on the inside?

another view inside basement, see a wide horizontal crack?

and so what good would installing an expensive, moronic interior drainage system do, HUH? :lying_face: :lying_face: :lying_face:

just about done, the INT system liars often tell homeowners how much landscaping etc will get screwed up when exterior waterproofing is done, hmmm, well if you want the actual, existing problems fixed, waterproofed then this is very often what MUST be done… the weak just don’t get-it or are in-bed w/interior system chumps