Bowed in, deteriorated block foundation walls, leaky basement obviously

They painted the block walls recently, and that did… ?

These walls have like this for years and as each year passes by with no exterior waterproofing done correctly, they get worse. See the horizontal cracks, step cracks, vertical cracks… the bottom blocks deteriorated looll Oh man! This is one reason WHY INT system chumps will cover the bottom blocks, they don’t want potential buyers, home inspector to SEE the existing defects down low and, they will most often tuckpoint those H- cracks etc on the inside to… again, HIDE the existing defects

The owner told me, b 4 i went n looked at it, that he is only worried about the back wall, hmm, ok your house.

Clay soil, expansive soil and underground tree roots pushing against the exterior walls r the main causes of the problems, as is often the case.

There ARE multiple EXTERIOR cracks in these walls, the ext-cracks is where the water is first-entering into the hollow blocks and then the water is seen inside the basement where the bottom of the walls meet the basement floor, yep

So what TA do? Do you want to install an interior basement drainage system and, umm say, some carbon fiber straps or wall anchors or beams? What would ANY of THAT do to, remove-relieve-lessen the causes, the clay soil and roots… not a thing!

And they would NOT stop further water from entering into the hollow blocks through the multiple exterior cracks, sheesh man lol.

So this is often what happens when some wait and do nothing for whatever reason (s)… they can indeed get worse. The walls needed to be correctly waterproofed (exterior waterproofing) and backfilled with all gravel years ago.

Danile Boone was a man, yes a big mouth man… hmmm, chances are the ax-flinging dude would have told homeowner that they needed an INT pressure relief system lollll and some beams etc and NO exterior waterproofing, MUCH luck with that