Bowing out walls

I got a call from a client to come out for my “opinion” on a condition. The client said an exterior frammed wall is bowing out. New construction. Obviously the framming is hidden, does anyone have any suggestions to look at or for. Should I go into the crawl space to see if the wall is bolted to the foundation,… any other tell tail signs to look for? Thanks in advance.

Hi Peter,
can you be more specific?
where is the bow, near the foundation, first floor, second floor, gable?


Hi Carla,
I have no clue, havnt seen it yet. Just got the call and will being going out there in a few hours… Its not a previous inspection issue, just a call from a client out of the blue…

take some pictures, maybe some here will be able to help.

Also check the roof…Ridge saddleback??? Stepping??? Are the Rafters correct???

I’ve see this before, if the bow is defelecting vertically in a stud wall, the framing member bowed and twisted as it dried.

Ahhh…good point !!! The old proverbial “Green Wood” syndrome !!! :(:smiley:

Thanks for all the suggestions,… Ill take pictures of what I can and post them here tonight. Thanks everyone.