RESNET and InterNACHI team up.

RESNET and InterNACHI team up.

Well done! I look forward to this.

How much will the training cost?

Gee do you mean you Brian would be interested in taking a NACHI course .
Fantastic 2011 could be a great year for all .

No, Roy. Just curious. I was certified as an energy auditor in the US in 1981. Bought a blower door that year also.

Substantially more for non members, as it should for everything in the inspection industry.

Great news! Thanks Nick

I was just getting ready to take the test for this certification to add to my BPI certification. I have all the study materials listed on their site but it would be neat to have a controlled method of study. When do you plan to start this course?


*InterNACHI… it’s everywhere you want to be. :cool:

How soon will you have a course?

Nick says that Blower Doors should not be used for anything, me thinks RESNET might disagree.

Most everyone disagrees with me about blower doors. See:

Regarding what?

I don’t like them. Yes, I realize I’m all alone with this opinion.

I don’t like them either and have said so many times. Glad to meet someone with a little wisdom. :mrgreen:

Can’t like what you don’t understand!

The first picture I saw of a house depressurization fan system was from a 1968 article from Texas Power and Light research into high cooling costs. They have been around for 40+ years and you’re still afraid of them or what? They’re being used in many countries around the world.

What’s the problem with a blower door system?

I embrace some technologies early. I don’t think there is anyone in the home inspection industry that did more to popularize the use of IR cameras than John or me. But I’m not ready to jump on board the blower door wagon just yet. I’m not fighting it, but I’m not fighting for it either.

Hi Nick,

Will CRESNET be involved in this as well? Looks like they are still active, but web site is way behind RESNET’s site.

Happy New Year,


Over the years I’ve used my blower door for:

  • residential/commercial airsealing programs
  • energy audits
  • R2000 program certification for airtighness
  • testing to NFPA Standard 2001
  • Wind-driven rain leakage site determination in building enclosures
  • locating residential sewage odour leakage sites in DWV piping

I’ve used another version of the “blower door” for duct leakage testing of engineer specified HVAC systems and determination of window air leakage characteristics.