Braided stainless steel TPR drain line


I seen this braided stainless steel tpr drain line on a 2014 water heater, is this and approved plumbing pipe for a TPR drain line or does it always have to be solid ?

Thanks in advance

TPR line would not bother me, Lack of a drain pan would.

Where does it terminate? It does not appear to be restricted. Those flex lines are typically used as supply lines. How far away is the discharge point and is there more than 4 elbows before the discharge point?

As a drain line, me think that it should be solid.

What is the inside diameter of the “hose”? It must not reduce from the valve. Can’t tell? Call it out! Also, cannot see the termination point. Call it out! Need more?

The tag left on the SS braid should read 3/4"