How many amps and volts is this panel?

The breakers for each conductor are 200 amps, and the panel information sticker says 200 amp max.

Typical 200A-120/240v residential service; provided it is install and fed properly.

The first picture is meaningless. The glass meter itself is not even worth taking a picture of. They use the same meters regardless of service size.

OOK I will ask. If they are 200 amp breakers and the HVAC is rated for 30 amp breakers then what?

That main breaker is factory installed and part of a UL listed assembly so it’s not a issue. FYI that type of breaker was common on ITE*, GE* and some Cutler-Hammer “All in ones” all they are is 2 - 100 A 2 pole breakers paralelled together .

  • ITE & GE loadcenters also used them.

Single Phase 120/240V panelboard rated at 200A. As speedy stated…the Meter itself means little but it really should but the sad thing is POCO does not care in many locations.

Check out my video on sizing a service…however in this case even if the meter could be something you dont want to use except for additional confirmation…it is a CL200 which is typical for 200A in most cases…I have seen CL100, CL200 and CL320’s among others and as peter says…i have seen CL200 in a 320A (400A) service as well…stick with panel ratings, conductor sizes,ocpd ratings as your main processes.

Thanks, Rollie. Just asked that question in the original thread in another section. Some odd panel configurations being used “down south”. Never see anything like that up here in my area of Canada…and all panels are inside!!