Brand new house... 2 story, water pressure is right at 80psi....question

Is this a write up? Or is 80 psi exactly… ok, for new two story house.


Anything 80 or above will be listed in my reports.

Don’t report the pressure reading, just report that the pressure within the residence is too high and should be adjusted to around 70 psi. Also note that the regulator may need to be replaced if the pressure cannot be adequately adjusted.

The maximum pressure is 80 psi. 80 or below is OK. How accurate is your gauge? I would probably let it ride, especially if there was a pressure reducing valve installed already.

My house 115 at times +++ .I have a regulator and 35 lb to the home another regulator and 75 Lb to my lawn sprinkler and left a supply for Fire sprinklers I hope to instal soon .
Two different gauges say the same readings .

Thanks Jeff…

So does that mean you didn’t like Joe’s reply? :wink:

That’s the way I took it. :sad:

Why would you not report the pressure reading?

Something I have found. Often in brand new subdivisions or even neighborhoods where they are putting huge apartment complexes the water pressure will be very high until they get up to occupancy then back back down. I have a client who owned a couple of du-plexes in a neighborhood where they were building a huge apartment complex right across the street. When he purchased the units the inspector reported something like 65 lbs pressure. Immediately after the apartment project started I got a pressure reading of 120lbs. Now, almost 2 years later, his pressure is back down around 80.
That being said maybe after more people move into this hood the pressure will drop a few pounds.

Pressure fluctuates. If it’s 80 on the day you were there and the plumber arrives and it’s 75, be prepared to pay the bill. Like I said before, 80 is acceptable.

Like Joe said, pressure changes.

My thinking is a bit different from Joe when it comes to reporting, not saying one is right or wrong.

The way I look at it, the regulator should be adjusted so that the pressure never reaches the “maximum allowable” pressure. If it has reached 80 psi, it needs to be adjusted IMO.

By the way, I always document the range of the pressure in all my reports. That way if the pressure fluctuates UP and is caught by another inspector at a later date, I documented what it was the day I was there. Could be important in a pre-listing inspection.

My pressure is cheap, does not have a Mirror Back, and is not Calibrated…I do not note a specific Pressure myself. I do report anything above 80 PSIG though.

Do you report it if the pressure is under 40psi?

Many homes in the country are on a well and frequently have about 35 lbs ~.
No I did not report that

I note the pressure and take a photo of the gauge. The photo also goes in the report. I also periodically use both gauges i own to confirm.

anything over 80 to 85, i write up as a repair.
anything over 100 i mark as a defect.
I have found 160 plus, dont know what exactly but it pegged the gauge.

Another thing which some may disagree with, is you just about get used to water pressues, and when you run across one that is too high you can usually tell at the sink before you test anyway,.