proper connections at breakers?

Do some of you electrical gurus mind having a look at this picture? All the wiring is under the screws of the breakers but it looks like they should be inserted between two plates and the screw tightening down on it. I think that the picture shows that some of the wiring is only barely under the screw. The metal plates may not be visible though. The panel was a Commander.

I’m not familiar with Commander (must be a Canadian product) but I would guess that if there is a pressure plate below the screw then the conductor should be under it. Do you have any other closer photo’s?

Yes I think it was a Canadian company and I believe Cutler Hammer bought it out.
I’ll attach another picture but I’m not sure if it is much better. Thanks

White conductor going to breaker not recoded with black electric tape. My guess sloppy work and that you are probably right re the conductor being under the clamp.

Doesn’t take an electrical guru to see that Harry Homeowner or his cousin Freida Flipper did that work. I don’t think even a ‘bad’ Sparky, having a ‘bad’ day could have screwed that up.