Breaker Lock?

2005 built house and it has a metal bracket/clip on one of the breakers. Does this look like a lock-out clip? It is a cutler hammer panel.

Looks like a lockout. My guess is for the water heater. Looks like all the conductors are marked. Didn’t you trace the wire to see what it was for?

Well…it is indeed a lockout but it is not for the Water Heater. Why, because it is only being used on a single pole circuit breaker. But then again that’s just my thoughts on the matter…:wink:

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Look closer it’s a two pole same as the one below it. :slight_smile:

Follow the orange cable (#10) at the left.

Hard to see Robert but you are correct.

Hey…I can’t see jack on this iphone…:wink: My Bad! Oh wait…I zoomed in and see a little of the handle tie area…ok so my eyes are getting older. It’s a NEMA thing;)

Hard to see them images while running through airports…:wink:

So what does that lockout clip actually do? does it keep the breaker from being tripped?

No, the circuit breaker will function as normal on Overcurrent conditions. It is designed to be locked off when needed as applicable in the NEC.

The reasoning is because the water heater requires a disconnect within site, or if not in site, which is probably in your case, the breaker must be locked.

Yep…Dat Too!

As always thank you everyone for the education.

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While I’m sure to take heat for this statement, I think Stephen needs to take a professional vacation and get some additional OTJ training.

These (and other recently asked questions) are basic issues that should be readily apparent to a competent inspector.


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Some other (equally respectable) forums, e.g. Mike Holt’s site boards, have a policy not to question the posters’ qualifications. If you don’t agree or have concerns, either PM a moderator or simply ignore.
For the reasons Paul stated: criticizing or questioning people’s qualifications based on mere assumptions discourages discussion and learning.

No heat Dominic. I just do not agree with your statement.

As stated in his original post he believed that it was a lock out device. Just looking for confirmation. His post utilized this board exactly as it was intended to be used.