Brick facing

This brick does not look like veneer, any drainage requirements? (2008 build)

267114 016 (Small).JPG

267114 002 (Small).JPG

Is it that thin brick ?

Yes it is, only on part of one side.

Busy but google thin brick ,there are PDFs

This post is not worth no $100, if you are busy then why post at all??

email and I will link it.
PDFS do not work here 250 kb limit is small.

David I did not get an email so assume you found it but now that I am back …sorry ran for a 4 storefront commercial…here is the PDF link which I took the time to find online again.

Gosh did not mean to get you mad or sumpen unless there was supposed to be a smiley face or supen. :frowning:

What makes you think it,s thin brick?
Did you tap it with the end of a screw driver?

Looks thin to me, see the picture on the side angle, I posted as I was not sure what I was looking at.

I understand but many times siding installers will overlay the brick wyeth making it appear to be thin.
I am not saying you are wrong.
Use the back of a screw driver handle lightly to tap on the veneer.

Now the bottom brick look like thin brick.

just asking.
Need a close up of the masonry bed, head and but joints.

Good info, Bob…:slight_smile:

I had that stuff like 2 weeks ago and already forgot what I said.

Makes sense if you think of it like stucco perhaps but not many guys seem to deal with it a lot.
I think mine was some kind of panels and will look for it later as my 3 flat with coach house seems to be on delay.

Thanks Bob.
Your the King Mate!

I enlarged the brick veneer and it looks real BUT it is pixilated.

It’s not precise like manufactured think brick.
What do you think?

I would say from the pic it is not the panel brick.

I thought not.
The paneling and brick where not finished well at the corner intersection.
Henceforth my post seven posts down.

There will be an even wall plan with an expansion seam/joint allowing the materials to expand and contract. Remember the the plans in that photo are perpendicular. The seam is not like parallel or separated/segmented straight line plans.

The only panel brick I see is interior Bob.
I tend to chuckle quietly when clients ask me if it is real brick. Geese Louise, I have been asked if Wall Paper brick was real.:shock:

Robert the toughest part of exterior brick inspection is knowing exceptions and when or where flashing is required.
Look at some brick veneer with no flashing and all is fine as long as they have CMU behind it or they change windows and suddenly should have lintel flashing,etc.It can be confusing even for us experienced guys though not me because I am a real man…lol

You commented on several well acknowledged exterior envelope defects and deficiencies.
Wall openings and flashing.

These should not be confusing to homes. not one bit IMO.
Components: Veneer is veneer be it wall or roof coverings. The ability to shed water.
Systems; HVAC systems are generally the same. Plumbing is the same. Electrical the same through delivery.
Structure: It is all about load bearing and stability. Concrete, metal and wood for the most part.

Flashing is the biggest thief and most generally misunderstood by builders.
It even crosses over into commercial building application in the erection of condos. It will be a crises I predict. The underground economy is ill equipped and the builders rushing for money allow the warranty to defend them. It will all come back to increased insurance premiums.
This province being forced under unionization was the fertilizer for power and corruption. Thanks PQ.

NOTE: If condo builders followed commercial rules for sealing wall openings, the product would sustain it warranty and last even longer IMO.

NOTE: Inspecting; Just because a component is not visible a good camera, a close up of the opening and material intersection, will reveal what is the SOP.

What can not be observed must be measured with instrumentation equipment and manipulated with tools.
Instrumentation; Thermal imagery.
Equipment; A recognizable manufacturers’ moisture meter.
Tools, A vinyl siding removal, replacement tool.

The rest is building a working hypothesis as you well know.