Brick veneer or not?

Hello Everyone…

This is an appartement building (47 units) in Montreal, Canada.
Me and my partenar had arguments that whether this is *Brick venner *or Structural wall…

Any thoughts…thank you


may or may not be
buy what is generally seen here…
this would be a veneer brick
courses space too far from what is normally encountered

I would have to see the window penetrations
as well as any interior areas visible for inspection
to make any further determination.

Thank you Joseph,
We couldn’t find any other areas from interior to have a better judgement, my guess is Brick venner too…but it’s always a good idea to have other oppinions…


No tie in either under or at the side.
They may have used long and short bricks to look like it is tied in.

What year was it built?

Early 1960’s

Were there any weeps at all where required ?
Any building constructed since 1970 should have rubber, plastic or metallic “flashing,” a protective skirt that curves around joints to protect against moisture. When water does get through a wall, it collects on the flashing and is released through “weep holes,” small openings in the masonry. These holes are most obvious at the top of the foundation wall.
3/16-inch-diameter weep holes every 33 inches at minimum, just above the flashing . Flashing, in turn, is recommended under the first course of masonry at ground level, above windows and doors, below window sills, and at any lintels and shelf angles

Looks like veneer from here in Port St. Lucie, FL.

Would need more photos, like of the whole side of the place, dr and wdw op’gs, parapet, etc., etc.

Veneer. I am in Montreal.

Structural brick walls are few and far between these days. One indicator is rowlocks and headers. Flemish, Scottish bond pastern are a good starting point but even then it is hard to tell without looking inside the wall.Renovations and architectural upgrading changes those homes. Century homes in Westmount are the best place to see structural brick. Old Montreal is another.I am in NDG for 30 plus years now.

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