Need heads up on wall covering

Anybody familiar with this thin brick veneer type panel ?
Looking for heads up on what to look for and common issues.



Anyone ?
Doing report .

appears to be glorified parge…

Will can’t claim this either ;~))

lumpy stucco

So nobody has inspected with this covering before ?
Finished report before heading out and starting another but still would like to hear from someone who knows about proper install and if this looks OK.

Found a PDF on some product like it.

No Home Inspectors at this forum ?

Try using the “Search NACHI.ORG…” you will find answers.

So the forum is no longer for live information I guess.
Your link was useless meaning you never looked at the question.

No problem Inspection News may have some Inspectors there.

It wasn’t for you ! So! don’t worry about it.
I was giving him the basic info .
You are just out trolling again.

I am asking for information on a particular type wall covering product.
Your link was to a comparison of brick veneer vs standard brick which has zero to do with my posted question.

The forum at this point is useless for anything other than politics and vendor squabbles.

Who is the him you are referring to ?
Trolling ?

WTF you talking about ?

Enjoy your day.

enlighten us please & share the goods

My mistake brother . Sorry .
I didn’t relies it was you who were asking the question.
I have some experience with this type of exterior wall covering, but don’t really know what you are asking.


could this be a patterned stucco type product?

No they mentioned some of the bricks fell off.
Have a PDF but at the time -yesterday was looking for answers -not questions.

Must be rare if even Barry does not know about it.

I attached 2 pictures clearly showing real mortar.
OK gotta work.

Some are just a standard stucco finish with red color on the finish coat.
They tool the lines/joints down to the gray coat to give it a brick look.
Some are just real thin brick embedded into the base stucco.
If the base isn’t properly set as to allow the brick to adhere adequately, some will fall off over time.
This is done over block or frame construction.
When used with frame or old panted block, stucco mesh in installed first .Some use furring strips then apply the mesh as to provide a void for moisture dissipation.

That’s the best I can do .
I have installed it on many homes through the years.

gave it to you #3
also have an idea what caused commonly seen damage

let me know when the all too rare lunar & stellar alignment occurs for an adult conversation with you…you have my #

please don’t forget your

& make sure you’ve have passed the stage of requiring


What I was looking for yesterday.
Had a rush report and doing 2 a day right now.
Agent running late right now so sitting.

So post 3 where you call it lumpy stucco is your sage advice old man. Lol

Dr. Joe & i have done pretty well for ourselves troubleshooting ls & other claddings

why does your pic have a horizontal crack & apparent inward deflection at the base of the 1st course

My guess is the bottom furring rotted and the covering cracked along that line.