Brick homes

Last inspection was a 1900 brick home converted to a four unit apartment. Two course brick, two story, brick foundation at the corner in question. Photo of entrance to Unit D is the south wall (as reference). Notice the cracking above the windows from eves to foundation. Photo showing basement foundation is the corner in question. Serious cracks on the outside, no visible signs of cracks on the inside. Main drain to sewer was added after the house was built as this is in rural Ohio so indoor plumbing came later. Wall with electrical panels (west wall) was starting to look like the south wall.

Todd, is that a large support plate with thru-rod/bolt over the window in picture 2?

You bet. And the defects looked like they had been that way for some time. I did recommend an evaluation by an SE

Good. Looks like the other end of that rod was in your seperate post.

Looks to be sinking to the right of the small porch, and pulling the wall down and out.

Could the building be balloon frame construction with brick veneer. I’m not seeing any header bricks, that normally indicate solid brick construction.


The support plate over the window and what looks like the other end would have me believe an SE has already done something. Do the owners have info to share?


Owner was with me the whole time, playing down the structure, wants to replace the foundation under the corner. The inspection was paid for by the bank because the owner wants to borrow against the structure to complete the interior renovations. Only two of the four units are finished.

Interior walls were solid brick with plaster over them for paint.