Ready to Collapse!

Note the center section of the brick wall above the bump out. I assumed a header concealed behind the bump out is about to give way. I climbed the fire escape, wall is in terrible condition. Referred to a structural engineer, but should refer to a wrecking company. The interior of this building was completely renovated! I guess the structure is not important. Same bldg. as 1900 foundation post in Exterior Section (my mistake).

charles 062.jpg

charles 053.jpg

charles 052.jpg


I would more suspect whatever supports the brick veneer above whatever access there is to that “bump-out”. It looks like something down there may have settled or failed, not the header above that window.

The window on the left in pic 1 looks like there was a fire.
Hence the renovation?


There was a third floor fire according to the buyer. No evidence of fire in the basement or stairways. Possible fire damage to the supporting header for this wall.