Brick siding looks like moisture

This brick siding had areas of stains or discoloration caused by moisture, but I did not see any area where the source of water was. Is this dark “staining” an issue to anyone or merely cosmetic. But caused by what? The brick and mortar was in good shape.


Great place for water penetration at the unflashed transition from siding to brick. The transition should be flashed, not caulked.


This and all the areas missing mortar and the cracked bricks, etc

I disagree.
The photo clearly shows deteriorated mortar, previous repairs, and cracks/gaps.


Didn’t have to look too hard? :smile:

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Yes, the few gaps we see could be filled with mortar, but do you think the mortar is at a point of damage that it should be tuckpointed?

Fractures and mortar erosion be re-pointed. Also, what about weep holes at the base of the wall? If your concerned about moisture causing the staining, the lack of weeps should also be mentioned.


I agree with all mentioned, I saw that too. The deterioration of the mortar joints was from the water intrusion from the lack of flashing like Chuck said above.
The discolored bricks, to me, might be that there was two different shades of brick and they were bunched together at the time of installation. Might be wrong, but a view of the front brick would help to determine if that is what happened.
There was movement to have stair cracking like that in the brick. Did you notice any other cracks in the foundation or at the interior.?

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Marcel, great observation. It does look like two kinds of brick because the color stays within a brick piece. Yes, the front bricks shows the same (different color bricks as well) and it was more evident on the side. I did notice this crack in the back of the home.

Per the initial picture I posted, can we infer that they patched the foundation wall and that there was maybe a crack causing the issues? I did not see any cracks in the interior foundation.

My question is. Did it rain lately?

Not that I recall.

Mike, is this deteriorated wood all along the bottom?

Not wood. Concrete.

Under the bottom edge, where it meets the walkway. Looks like wood.

I don’t recall. Do you infer something?

That looks like the sealant left behind from the settling of the concrete sidewalk, Junior, hard to tell.

Yeah, hard to tell for sure, looks like wood to me.

Is it a driveway along by this side?

Yes it is a driveway.

Is there a nice bar with a couple pool tables alongside it?