Moisture intrusion or sprinkler system??

The realtor suggested this was from the sprinkler system spraying water on the home. It was only like this on one side of the house…

2426 Rogers Loop 035.jpg

2426 Rogers Loop 035.jpg

2426 Rogers Loop 035.jpg

2426 Rogers Loop 034.jpg

2426 Rogers Loop 020.jpg

Does the sprinkler spray the wall there?


How was the inside ? Its OK if the sprinklers hit that brick. Its not OK If the water is getting into the interior of that wall.

Did you use a moisture meter on the sheet rock? If not why not?

Moisture is the Number one thing HI get sued for.



Looks like sprinkler water from this distance - likely water from a well. Easiest way to tell is to just turn on the sprinkler system and see where it goes. If it hits the house, advise the client to have them sprinklers adjusted.

That Brick Veneer needs a moisture barrier which is not being provided.
I would write it up.

Meanwhile here is a good PDF on Efflorescence.

efflorescence.pdf (207 KB)

what do you mean moisture barrier? flashing between the poured concrete and the brick?

Yes and also behind.
Here is a cool PDF…brick veneer flashi ng.pdf (190 KB)

I have a better one ,but it is 1.12 MB and over forum limits.

i dont think i have ever seen flashing like that on a brick veneer wall. im assuming some sort of rebar needs to be driven through the flashing to connect the brick courses together thus compromising the flashing anyways. doesnt really make good sense. the moister barrier on the wood sheething and even cut-in flahing have way through the mortar like chimneys are flashed both make good sense but to completely separate the brick courses like the diagrams doesnt look right

I wasnt realizing where it said it was only at through wall openings- (windows)… but still im curious how the first coarse of brick is tied THROUGH the flashing to the foundation

Try this…