Brick Ties

Whats the spacing requirements for brick ties?

I believe the answer lies somewhere in here.

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I believe that the spacing minimum is every 18 inch vertical and 32 inch horizontal, or a minimum of every 2 3/4 sqft of area.

The requirement is for more ties in areas of high wind or siesmic activity.



Table 1 in the above website shows for wood stud (and steel) 18 inches vertical and 32 inches horizontal (maximum) spacing. Sounds reasonable as you would want brick ties to be installed on wall studs, in this case every other stud (using a 16in. O.C. spacing for studs.) Gerry beat me to it but…out of the mouths of two or three witnesses…

Brick tie spacing, Hmmm.

I believe it is 16" vertical and 24" horizontal or 24" vertical and 16" horizontal.

Locate anchor sections to allow maximum verticall differential movement of ties up and down.

Install additional anchors within 12" of openings and at intervals, not exceeding 8 inches, around perimeter.

24" horizontal spacing of anchors would occurr on 24" o. c. spacing of wall framing, and equally, 16" spacing would occurr on 16" framing.

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