Brick Veener & weeps

How would you report on the following conditions.

Home was built in 2001.

No weep or drain holes present.

How would you report on the exterior corner below the brick veener?

No indication of moisture in the unfinished basement below the veener walls.

Would you have a mason evaluate?

109407 007 (Small).jpg

109407 004 (Small).jpg

Looks like spalling of the brick due to the the earth in contact with the brick.

Moisture wicks up from the earth then the spalling occurs during the freeze thaw process

Suggest lowering grade or installing a waterproof membrane between the earth and brick.

I think Will Decker has a photo(in one of his powerpoint shows) of what might occur to the sill plate if this is not corrected.



Is that blue color indicative of foundation insulation foamboard below grade. I know your area probably won’t have S/T activity like my area, but trapping moisture behind Vinyl and up to and/or behind the brick veneer and against wood structure is always trouble in our area.
Weepholes are required, installed more times than not, but AHJ typically won’t call’um on it if left out. On occassion, AHJ has made the Bldr.drill and install, but rarely. I will note in my report if exclued.