Brick wall code reference

Can’t find any reference in the NBC regarding bricks exceding the foundation wall (lengtwise). Anything?

What is the issue?


thanks for your time Douglas, but I just found what I was looking for. As seen on the photo above, the brick exceeds the foundation by way too much it is supposed to. As you know I’m sure, it is only supposed to exceed by either less or 1/2 the height of the brick or less or 1/3 the width. I was looking for the actual reference in the canadian code book. I guess I just wasn’t looking hard enough.

OK… but I wonder what anyone could or would do about it?
Is it really something that would be considered a huge problem. Obviously the home has been there for a while without any ill effects.

Just a thought

Add an angle iron support done all the time .

Google… Angle iron supports brick

Don’t need it Roy! This is one for Robert to expand on. I was a brick layers helper but there is a technical reason why and I leave that to the Professionals in this field.

There is nothing wrong with the brick single width veneer layout as far as I can tell.
The brick is cobbled out. No more no less.
The brick is called Tree Bark. Looks like 2 tone brown or ceder. Its is a standard size unit.
Move on. nothing to report.

You found a reference Steven. good.
Now I suspect the facade is 6 or 7 feet of masonry with the second floor sided.
That is a 10 hole clay unit. I see 4 holes showing. That means 2/3 rds of the brick in on the ledge.
Remember, its not load bearing. Its a short wall veneer.
All the attached brick in the courses above and below ( a running bond I suspect) are adhered together. all forming on monolithic wall.

Now, Think of a cantilever.
How far in does the beam protrude into the home, what is attached laterally and horizontally and how much is exposed.
In some cased 80+ percent. The cantilever rests atop beams and the projection is dependent upon the weight on the inner joist.
Lots of weight on the 1/2 brick closer.

If its a half bat or closer at the bottom I may put a mention in the report, other than that, don’t waste my time. Bigger fish to fry.

That Wall is over 99% on the foundations ledge. If I was looking to pi s s off an agent I would write up** HARD **and explain it soft to my client. HA HA HA

Not knowing any agents that have treated me with disrespect I wonder about the many remarks that some home inspector place on the message board about “disparaging real estate agents” being second hand car salesmen.
you think that way Steven? HA HA HA
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