I was fortunate to watch a show on bricks. It is a series called modern marvels.

The show was all about bricks. From how they where maid to how they where laid.

One segment showed a collector and he stated that the bricks with wording are the rare ones.

I live in Ohio & I have one that says Buckeye. We are the buckeye state. I took this from a vacant home on Tuesday. Please dont tell!!!

Todays said Cleveland Block. I wanted to dig it up & take it home.
These bricks are probably 100 years old.

Neat show. I am starting a brick collection.

88806 Bedford 030 (Small).jpg

Coming from a bricky background, I appreciate your love of clay !

Tearing down old farm houses and re using the “reclaim” brick is pretty big up here.

Dave, Is there a site you can post so others can check it out?

Sorry! No video. Only minor info. It does list all the episodes. Engineering disasters was good.;title;19

Good show.

To purchase:

I’m here in NW Ohio grab me a brick too sometime. Never seen any around here like that.