Does this look OK to you?

This was across from the “remodel” I did the other day that wasn’t in much better condition.

Is this a trick question Scott? :wink: Of course the roof looks ok :slight_smile:

It seams that there is always a house across the road that’s in worst shape than the home we’re inspecting

Oh no. That’s a very outdated TV antennae. You could hang a rubber chicken from that and no one would notice.

Between the dizzyness of the Herringbone, Flemish and thrown in soldiers in the brick, what is wrong.??:):wink:

Marcel, that’s what happens when bored masons take LSD to brighten up their morning.

Is that what a Liquid Strict Diet does to masons?:mrgreen::wink:

Back then, they didnt have levels and squares, so they used unlevels and unsquares.

This reminds me of one of those 3D puzzles that you cant see until you stare at it for 10 minutes.

Making fun of my creativity again, eh? :twisted:

Michael, I’ve been staring at those bricks for about 45 minutes now and haven’t gotten any of those 3D visions that you implied I’d be rewarded with. I’m losing faith in your reliability. It’s just like those flashbacks they promised some of us that we were supposed to get for free. Never got those either. A prudent guy keeps a strict limit on who he believes in this world.

Frank, I didn’t know you were a mason. Well at least one of us had those promises come true.