Broadview Security (formerly Brinks) continues to run racist TV commercials.

Every commercial they air, whether its the one with the ex-boyfriend stalker, the weird date, the creepy guy looking through the fence hole at the Mom and daughter, the guy in the bushes watching the woman on the treadmill, or the break-in while the teenage daughter is home alone… the criminal is always a white male.

Crime statistics

Alarm goes off.
Phone rings. Ring ring.

Steve from Broadway: “Hello Mrs. Jones, this is Steve from Broadway Security, is everything alright?”

Mrs. Jones: “No, someone just tried to break in!”

Steve: “I’m sending help right now. Was the perpetrator a white male again?”

Mrs. Jones: * “Yes, how did you know?”*

Steve: * “We are a racist company that believes all criminals are black males. Through noticeable over compensation we use only white males to depict all the perpetrators in every one of our many TV commercials in hopes of hiding our racist opinions of black males.”*

Mrs. Jones: “Me too. I try to tell everyone I meet, that one of my best friends is black and very articulate.”


Well. If Broadview used black actors to portray the perps they would have to take the heat from Jessie Jackson, the ACLU, Sharpton. the NAACP, et al.

This way, they only have to take the heat from Gromicko. Which will have little or no impact on their business.

I agree that it appears Broadview may have caved into the pressure of the finger pointers just as our entire society has. Probably an overextended effort not to give the perception of racism. No company wants their ads to be labeled as racist, yet the moniker seems to be used regularly and flippantly as a means of leverage for those with weak arguments.

Perhaps the meaning of the words “racism” or “racist” will be diluted through continued misuse and unsubstantiated accusations. Kinda like “the Boy that Cried Wolf”.

But for now, Racism is still a serious charge.

Nick: Your not the only one that noticed this I saw it too. However I see it from a different angle.

I believe they are racist against whites. I think they are trying to portray the white man as stupid. In one of the commercials, the perp leaves a party, and breaks down the door a moment later. Here he looks stupid because he cant seem to see the security system installed in the house he just left. Beyond that, he seemed to have some evil intent with a hot chic, spoiling any chance he that he seemed to have with her, which was looking good a few minutes earlier.

Then I saw this one, and blew my top:

Bottom line, they could have chosen Mini Me for the Perp, and someone would have complained.

Damn that’s Funny–:lol:

Well, yes, I think Nick believes that too. He was being sarcastic. Really though, Broadview was afraid of being accused of being racist against blacks so they overcompensate by portraying criminals as being white. So they aren’t necessarily racist, they are just perpetrating racism in order to appear to not be racist.

And hey, I’m just waiting for someone to chime in with that convenient phrase, “reverse racist” to refer to anti-white racism. Racism is racism.

I think they are racist against females because only males are used as
the bad guy. There are a lot of bad females out there that feel left out.

Regardless of how twisted and misinformed your political ideology is, there is no logical way to equate a lack of bad females with racism, as women are simply not a race upon themselves, but please… Don’t let the lack of logic stand in the way of your overgrowing hatred. :roll: