You Tube tampered with....

try to view any of the video’s of Michelle obama and see what happens.


Do you have proof of a video of Michelle Obama saying “whitey” ever existed?

That was a rumor from some months ago.

I have seen it myself.

Anyone else seen it?

It seems to have been only a rumor from last summer when Hillary still had a chance.

See This

Am I reading this, correctly?

Are the people who regularly use and condone the use of the term “buckwheat” to disparage black people offended by the use of the term “whitey” to describe them?

If so, there has been nothing to compare with such hypocrisy and self serving nonsense published on this message board since Gromicko’s endorsement of the HI law in Kansas.

Show me where I said I was offended Bushart.

Michael, I don’t care what anyone says was a rumor, I saw the video and I think I may have even posted a link to it here. I remember back when you insisted that obama was no Socialist or Communist, when I posted about it, but listen to you now. I do not lie or make things up. :roll:

I have no idea what you saw but there is no chatter about it on the web of it ever being available to see sine June of 2008.

I know, that is the reason for this thread, don’t you think it a little funny, how the site switches to something that is Pro-Obama?

So…then…if Michelle Obama refers to “whitey”…like you refer to “buckwheat”…you are perfectly okay with it. Fine.

So…what’s the big deal about finding it on Youtube, then?

it doesn;t switch.

I looks to me like someone just wants to get their video noticed by putting a provocative title on it.

That hardly an new phenomenon.

James Bushart using a non existent tape of a rumored speech to score a point.:roll::roll:

James, you’re slipping.:shock:

Without context it’s meaningless.

I need no points, Mike. The reality of a week from tomorrow, when the final votes are tallied, is good enough for me.

Then please do us a favor and stop posting until then.:roll:

Why? Does it bother you to have your delusional “untruths” challenged?

Did you see the skit on Saturday Night Live where they had the “McCain?Palin Support Lady” in the red shirt…wandering around the stage, as if lost, mumbling meaningless and outrageous claims…?

“Obama is a Muslin”

“Obama is a Terrier”

The parody was so “right-on”, it almost seemed shameful to poke fun at the impairment commonly known as being a “ditto head”. It’s like making “retard jokes” in grade school, almost.

A week from Wednesday, we can all put this aside and move forward, I hope.

I saw a video with McCain telling Cindy that the rich should rule the middle class.

The battle for 2012 begins the day after the election.

If Obama wins we will have to find someone to right the wrongs of a failed Obama administration.

And if have any shred of conservatism left, you already know that.:shock:

I do propose that after the election is over we return such discussions back to the “Not For Everyone” section.

Please share it Bob.:roll:

If you are already planning his demise he has no chance to succeed.

Here is a novel idea.

Throw your support in and help the country back where it should be, unless ideology is more important than our country.
Stop the hate.

I didn’t know I had such power. :cool::cool:

Who determines where the country should be?

No hate but a severe disagreement over policy and the scope of our government.

If you listened to the tape from the first post, I’d be curious to know how you reacted to it.