broke my foot, now i need help

I just started my inspection business little over a year ago. I have put my heart and sole into getting this business off the ground. I have a full time job, I’m part time in the army NG as a pilot, and I’m doing inspections on the side trying to make IT my full time job. I have marketed and marketed and built my business up to a nice part time income level. With my busy schedule, you can imagine that my business takes a negative hit, but I get by. Enter broken foot stage right. I am obviously grounded from my pilot job. From my full time job I am now on leave for probably a month. Now my inspection business is on the verge of withering away to nothing after having put soo much into building it. I feel like God wants me to slow down, but to build this inspection business to a grand grand scale. In my newly acquired time off, I have an amazing business building opportunity that most inspectors don’t get, and that’s time to actually work on marketing. Since my break, I have referred at least 13 inspections to another nachi inspector, but have essentially turned down the job and just referred the client to the other inspector. This will all but eliminate my business that I have built up over this year. The day before my injury, after a year of waiting out the time requirement, my business became BBB accredited. I also had one of my articles published and started the Buy Back Program. So I had 3 huge things happen to the business then broke my foot the next day. My calls started to actually ramp up, but I had to turn down the jobs and refer another inspector. Now my backup guy took a vacation so HE is not even available now. We had started discussions about setting up a contractor’s relationship so that I could start accepting the jobs, and have him perform them so that my business wouldn’t die. I’ve had my realtor sources calling me and only wanting me. But here I am. I have asked around my church for inspectors to possibly help but there is only one other inspector that attends there and he is trying to get out of the business and is booked up. Does anyone on this forum know of some Atlanta area inspectors who are not booked up that would be will to start a contractor type relationship with my business so that I can concentrate on marketing while I’m down? I have used the find an inspector lookup, but am hesitant to just call down the list and re-reintroduce this concept to people. Thank you for reading my story.

Here is a list of your fellow members within 40 miles of you:

Good luck I truly feel your pain :frowning:

Mike has been there, done that.

Yep, Unfortunately. Not my greatest accomplishment for sure :frowning:

Finding shoes that fit is a real Bit-h now days :slight_smile:

Spent almost a month not working last Sept so know the feeling of lost income. Mold related illness ]
It is a year later and my perforated ear drum is acting up like crazy lately.

What’s the matter anyway as Obama care has you covered…:slight_smile:

Thank you guys

Jonathan, I went through this last June and was down for about one month. When I was able to manage the pain, I found a helper and used an iwalk to get around.

I’m currently down from a torn ligament in my elbow its all workman’s comp stuff so I have spent a month so far just waiting by the phone to get my appointments scheduled to figure out what to do about it. They say I may need surgery but I haven’t even gotten the preliminary stuff done before they can even tell me for sure about the surgery yet. I have been down for a month and the way it is going it could be another 8 weeks. Thankfully I hadn’t officially opened my doors yet so I don’t have to worry about loosing business. I am just sitting here doing as much as I can on the computer to get my business to the point where once I get the all clear from the doctor I can just turn the key.

I’ve been there. Paid my Brother-in-law to assist. I used a cane.

I thought I was on your ignore list. Please put me back on it. Good to know you think my pain is funny.