Bryant AC Condensor Age

The data plate was barely legible…looks like Model #80-567S and Serial #10231654.

Am I correct…manufactured 1961???

Personally I wouldn’t bother trying to figure out how old it is, obviously its beyond its expected life.

If it functions, great, if not, its to be expected. They would probably save the money in replacement costs in a couple years not watching their electrical meter spinning like a soccer.

Way beyond…

I estimated it at 30 years but now I’m thinking it’s a 50 year old unit…wow

Does it have a door to load ice in?

Did it actually function, Jim?

I’ve come across some OLD Goettl units which seem to operate like a champ, some 40 years old, it costs a fortune just to run them, but MANY are still in operation in the Phoenix area where originally manufactured.

Not tested today…it was only 50 degrees…but it supposedly still works. I can only imagine how much it wold cost to run. A replacement unit was mentioned.

Indeed, the price of new units has come down in the last couple years. Well worth the investment. Mine is a 1997, I’m getting rid of it next month, it still works, but I’m not pressing my luck, especially in Arizona.

Just don’t make them like they use too , was the crank start with it?